MINT Department show


After ten successful seasons, MINT is taking the next step. The progressive platform for sustainable fashion and lifestyle at Modefabriek will be a trade show and department store in one for this edition. You can now buy the MINT brands both as a merchant and as an individual visitor.

MINT DEPARTMENT SHOW blurs the boundaries between purchasing and acquisition, and between new and timeless favourites. “We are shifting the focus more towards seasonless production that allows designs to keep their value. The brands at MINT showcase quality above quantity, collections that grow or are never out of stock, and styles that don’t just go ‘out’ because summer or autumn has arrived,” says co-founder Marieke Eyskoot.

BOTH B2B and B2C
Modern fashion no longer has to limit itself to seasons. At MINT, fashion doesn’t revolve around trends, but around classics and craftsmanship. We have timeless collections that can be bought and sold all year round. This means that shops can offer their items for longer. MINT DEPARTMENT SHOW demonstrates a sustainable future for brands, retailers and visitors.

MINT is pleased to welcome for the first time: Katrien Smets, Hear HearIGNORE, Marius FabreNaomi Rachèl Timan, Nixa Sierra, Protesta, The Insiders, Wildernis, Wintervacht, WYS Amsterdam. MINT is proud to welcome back: Afriek, Anne Gorke, BsaB, Colette van Essen, Komodo, Kuyichi, Miss Green, O My Bag, Päälä, Ratna HoRhumaa, Studio Mulder, TAJ Amsterdam, Thea Grant Design, Wana Bana, Yunit.

During this edition, not only can you shop for brands, you can also buy the finest tea and tastiest chocolate from the Indie Food Market. If you’d like to stop for a delicious coffee and healthy snack, you can do so at the ROOTS pop-up café. The American Book Center will have all the best books about sustainable fashion and lifestyle ready and waiting for you. And as icing on the cake, high-end second hand designer shop Salon Heleen Hülsmann will also be participating in MINT DEPARTMENT SHOW in this edition. We look forward to seeing you on 10 and 11 July at Modefabriek in the RAI.