Modefabriek ♥ ILIASERNST

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Ernst Koning, developer of the label ILIASERNST, will shine a light on Chapter this year. A stylish chandelier by this Amsterdam-based designer will be hang proudly above the central bar of the newest Modefabriek platform.

This enormous chandelier is inspired by the Refinery lamp that won Ernst Koning and his label ILIASERNST the prestigious IF Concept Design Award. Production of both the Refinery and the Illumimate will commence at the beginning of 2013. They will be produced by Lande in Schijndel, renowned for the design label Artifort.

Ernst Koning not only works on his own designs, but also works on commission to create industrial products and one-offs, such as this Modefabriek chandelier. He manages the entire process from creative design to technical and commercial realisation. He draws inspiration from everyday life, translating it into functional and elegant designs.