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modefabriek 14 07 by RVDA 2261

The summer edition of Modefabriek, which took place last Sunday and Monday at the Amsterdam RAI, embodied a positive spirit. The high quality of the visitors confirmed what many saw as a turning point last season. The ‘new style’ Modefabriek is a success!

The new organisation of the labels in clearly defined segments and platforms that are not only in keeping with fresh developments in the market, but even stimulate them, has turned out to be a resounding success. Whether it was a question of the chicken or the egg, exhibitors were unanimous about the high quality of the visitors. We spoke with Annik van Hove at Twin Set in The Pavilion, who had the following to say: ”I’m very pleased with the quality of the visitors; there are lots of shops of a high standard that we can definitely work with. It is becoming increasingly important to have good margins because the periods during which the shop can earn those margins are very short. You simply can’t do without the better labels in your shop.”

modefabriek 14 07 by RVDA 3118

Peter Schuitema from Kuyichi put it even more positively: “The past winter of Modefabriek was an absolute about-face. I thought to myself, this will be hard to surpass, certainly with a summer edition, but I believe they have succeeded once more!” He enjoyed the inviting atmosphere, but that’s not all. “You have to have the right attitude. We’re all tired of ‘sales’, for example, but now we all need to actually do something about that!” Unintentionally, Schuitema has summed up the essence of ‘successful business today’: we’re all in it together.

modefabriek 14 07 by RVDA 3677

Are You Swedish? is both a sales and press agency for labels like Dagmar, Carin Wester, Nokian and Void. “I began during the crisis, so I know how much hard work it takes and that it’s all about relationships. After all, you are each other’s business partner,” says owner Hanneke de Boer. “It is often the new shops that you see doing well, that are an immediate success, understand their platform function and are also active with pop-ups outside of their location. It’s obvious they’re enjoying themselves, which has a positive effect on consumers. I, too, want to be a source of energy. I compliment my customers on their presence here and tell them to take advantage of the opportunity, recharge with inspiration and then go all-out again afterwards!”

The same sentiment is also heard from Sureyya Ozkan from Only & Sons, located at the very front of The Floor. “To keep labour costs down, shop owners need to spend more time in the shop and end up more isolated as a result. Modefabriek is the perfect opportunity to get informed, inspired and to network.”

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There was an abundance of information and inspiration to be found at Modefabriek. At MINT, co-founder Marieke Eyskoot proudly presented her source of inspiration, Saffia Minney from People Tree, who gave a passionate lecture on the urgency of making the fashion chain more sustainable, from manufacturer to consumer. The reality is as plain as day, as can be seen on its YouTube channel, but solutions are within easy reach and optimism abounds. It is important that we view the beauty of unique skills and crafts as a luxury and invest more in the supply chain, instead of marketing.

modefabriek 14 07 by RVDA 2479

The second edition of the interactive forecasting installation Retail Future Home also revolved around knowledge sharing. Judith ter Haar gave the one personal tour after the other through the breathtakingly impressive exhibition and her one-on-one Advisory Minutes were fully booked.

The various food options and pop-up shops were spot-on in terms of market trends and varied from the ultra-conscientious SLA to the playful fun Not Just a Shop by Carlo Wijnands. Like the seminars on the ins and outs of social media, the trend lecture, EU Fashion Match, selection of up-and-coming NEXT labels and recent fashion graduates, all of these extras have become a standard feature of a Modefabriek that has increasingly taken on the role of inspirer, sparring partner and breeding ground for a healthy fashion economy.

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