Modefabriek #38 recap

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modefabriek 15 01 by RVDA 4014

At Modefabriek – last Sunday and Monday at the Amsterdam RAI – the lively spirit of ambition, professionalism and passion prevailed, both in beautiful and responsibly manufactured products and in contemporary, innovative entrepreneurship. Making strong decisions, daring to stand out, and optimally collaborating with a keen eye for service and transparency: there was a bounty of good aphorisms. Above all else, we heard the motto that ultimately, fashion and lifestyle are there to be enjoyed!

Style Matters
After entering the large hall on the right, visitors came upon the impressive decor of the new premium menswear platform Style Matters. Among the meticulously set up selection of menswear labels stood New Yorker Ulrich Lang, with his exclusive selection of men’s fragrance and grooming brands. His ‘boutique tradeshow’ Presence is a prime example of the adventurous element that makes the field of fashion refreshing and personal. “Fragrance has the power to transcend retail,” says the connoisseur presenting himself in a fashion context for the first time: “you can use it to create emotions.” Retailers really have to fall for a brand like that, and it also takes an expansion of professional knowledge to be able to sell it successfully, but that goes for all products new to this branch of trade that give fashion shops more flavour.

modefabriek 15 01 by RVDA 7434

The Editors
Modern concept stores thrive on the vision and curatorship of the owner/ buyer. The Editors have proven that cherry-picking precisely those items that together form a distinctive whole is indeed a discipline in its own right. Joachim Baan of Our Current Obsessions was one of four ‘guest editors’ allowed to present a sketch of their dream store. He opted for a typically Dutch concept – rain – and selected some surprising must-haves allowing you to undergo our specific climate with ease; from water-proof notebooks for die hard journalists to high-class umbrellas with 3D prints. With disarming enthusiasm, Baan admired his own selection of products: “Look how great all of this is!” Products that are so strong and unique that they sell themselves: it was the main trend around Modefabriek.

modefabriek 15 01 by RVDA 4544

At Blueprint, the platform we now all know and love for indigo followers and innovators, there was an inspired atmosphere as always. Ferry and Sylvia Francois of Podium 1080 launched Don the Fuller, their own new label by producer Fimatex (of PRPS, Jacob Cohen, Diesel Black Gold etc). “They are the inventors of the ‘sand blaster’, real specialists in manual denim treatment. With their own label, they not only show what they can do in handiwork;” down to the large stitching done on the pockets – like in couture, “the margin remains in the product, meaning that the consumer will get far more quality for money.” Sustainability is one of the most important innovation cornerstones on the level at which Fimatex operates. “All the water is collected, cleaned and reused”, Sylvia Francois proudly tells us.