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MF Talks

MF TALKS, Modefabriek’s seminar programme, has been expanded again and is now even more complete. Here are a couple of important names up front:

Alexandra Onderwater, Editor-in-Chief of Toile magazine, a brand new title from FRAME publishers, discusses the newest innovations in fashion and retail, such as the true potential for a 3D printed dress, how Instagram is replacing the traditional lookbook, and what fashion brands can learn from Uber. Get the insider perspective!

Max Dekker, retail expert, gives a lecture on ‘True Self Branding’ and how you can achieve greater focus in your identity as a brand and company when you start out from your own passion. Translate this personal mix of fascinations into a unique experience for the consumer and know how this develops and why.

David Shah, trend forecaster and magazine publisher, gives you his view on the future for active wear in mainstream fashion, why Nike is the new Prada and, last but not least, why men are the new pin-ups in fashion!

Check the full MF Talks programme HERE

In addition, David Shah will be hosting one of the master classes during the SUMMER SCHOOL, a new initiative aimed at allowing (Young) professionals in the profession to share in all of the knowledge and expertise that Modefabriek brings together each season.