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On Thursday November 22nd,  MODINT will be organizing the first annual national fashion congress. This will take place in the new EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam, and will include renowned speakers such as Dr. Carl Rohde and Marc McKeon.

Congress theme: is fashion valuable or disposable?

The conference theme will be highlighted by various speakers from the industry. They will answer questions such as:

Do we communicate too much or not enough within the fashion chain?
Has it been too easy to earn money in our industry in the past?
Can we find solutions elsewhere, or only within our own industry?
Does transparency (internet) put links in the chain under pressure?
What do consumers understand when we talk about “value”?
Is fashion valuable or disposable?
What do we learn from other industries such as food, music, books, travel, sports, electronics, transport and financial services?
Can we get new ideas from art, science and education together with other companies? How can we implement co-creation?

The conference is open to anyone working or interested in the fashion industry.
Please note Thursday November 22nd in your calendar!
For more information please see and follow us on twitter: @modecongres