New at Modefabriek: Avelon:

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vintage find as starting point s/s 2012


A stiff jersey oversized top that someone had attached a big silk wrap to. Erik Frenken, (design) director of Avelon, discovered this vintage piece in Londen, and used it as the starting point of part of the spring/summer collection.

‘Avelon balances between elegant design and the cool and roughness of street style. I think an outfit is cooler when it is not too polished. A look should always have an I Don’t Care element. The fact that the two fabrics in that vintage top were put together in a rough way was that element to me. I liked that a lot’, explains Frenken.

It results in zip-on and zip-off elements in two materials for dresses, T-shirts and jackets. Another theme in the collection is the dialogue between delicate summer silks and a refined washed look, which leads to casual garment-dyed silk pieces like a trenchcoat, a baseball jacket and a T-shirt. Or the opposite:

a couture cut dress or top with colour blocking on the inside and raw edge seams.

Bright green is a new colour. It is mixed with dirty tones to get the typical Avelon colour scheme.