Nieuw op Modefabriek: Shivan & Narresh

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Shivan & Narresh

SHIVAN & NARRESH is India’s first luxury swimwear brand that was launched in Cannes at ‘Mare di Moda’ with their 100% stitch free swim line and were discovered in 2006 by Mittelmoda at the Mittelmoda International Beachwear Awards ’06 in Bali.

The soft brutality of slashed & stabbed canvases of Lucio Fontana expose an artistic dimension often unremembered – the Negative Space. As the negative space peeks through the slashes & dots of Fontana’s spatialist canvases, SHIVAN & NARRESH explores a collection that celebrates the negative space of body art – the body itself. Embodying the spatial canvases in monochromes coupled with periwinkle & lemon tints in brazen resortwear, the ensembles emphasize the subtle seduction of the skin. The swimwear returns this season, bolder, with lacerated signature maillots, bikinis & trikinis. This Spring Summer collection, with its gashed facets, creates an alluring sense of mystery & sensuality through the painful beauty of the negative behind the ever-powerful positive.