Nieuw op Modefabriek: Slovz

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The young shoe label SLOVZ will attend Modefabriek for the first time in January. The brand is characterized by its unique felted boots made from 100% pure wool. They are based on the traditional ‘Valenki’ and come ‘all the way from Russia with Love’ where the boots are made according to a 300 year old hand-made tradition. As a result, they feel very soft and they perfectly adapt to the shape of your feet after two days.

During a cold Siberian winter the temperature can drop to -40 C, so the SLOVZ warm winter boots are very welcome. The SLOVZ collection consists of men, women and even children boots in white, brown and black. They are available with solid sole and a special rubber overshoe called Galoshe.

From the 20th of December, the boots will be already available at SPRMRKT in Amsterdam, where the official launch party will take place!

You can find SLOVZ in the Refined area at Modefabriek.