New at Modefabriek: Tom Tailor

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tom tailor

Selected, vibrant and self-assured, TOM TAILOR is URBAN FASHION GEAR We bring the American Dream into the new millennium. The urban jungle merges the outdoors with the in. SUVs reign the streets. Future visions of green cities emerge as a new reality. Tracts of tarmac meet leafy expanses. Your roof-tops are mountains, your channels and gutters are rivers traversing the metropolis. The city playground of your childhood has become the urban game you’ve chosen. Life is a game, play it, be confident and dress in style – a life mantra with zeitgeist.

tom tailor
TOM TAILOR Denim line

At Modefabriek they will also present the following collections:

TOM TAILOR POLO TEAM // Individual, real and uncomplicated East Coast style rooted in a unique and authentic polo heritage.

TOM TAILOR Denim line // Young fashion for young personalities! For individuals that are curious, proud and playful – they know what they want and how they want it.

TOM TAILOR Contemporary // Premium urban casualwear has a new address. The makers of Urban Fashion Gear, with their liberal philosophy and credo of staying true to one’s individualism, bring you a young and fresh perspective in creative design, superior styling, and high-quality, encased in an unmistakable passion for fashion.

Short history
Encapsulating the American dream since 1962, TOM TAILOR has become one of the leading fashion and lifestyle brands in Europe. On a continuous growth and expansion course, TOM TAILOR is currently sold in over 35 countries and, now more than ever, is a brand with global relevance and resonance. The brand personifies the idea that only you are master of your destiny.

You can find Tom Tailor in The Floor segment. More information about the brand can be found on Modefabriek-online.