Nieuw op Modefabriek: 466/64

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Pronounced ‘Four, Double Six, Six, Four,’ the brand takes its name from the prison number given to Mr. Mandela ‘466’ and the year 1964, when he was incarcerated for life on Robben Island, off Cape Town, South Africa. 466/64 fashion is inspired by the dignified lifestyle of Nelson Mandela. The brand launched in 2011 with the vision ‘to be the most inspiring global fashion brand’.

466/64’s aim is to inspire people to create a better world for all and to live by the mission to act on “It’s in our hands”. The Menswear collection is inspired by a smart casual style and warm colour message and is driven by a mix ‘n match African spirit. The collection is coordinated into 3 seasonal themes plus a campaign collection with a 466/64 heritage attitude.


Chris Vogelpoel, head designer, has always said, “He’s designing with the thought in his mind that Nelson Mandela is watching over his shoulder, guiding his ideas”. The 466/64 fashion brand is supported by the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Now 466/64 is kicking off with a stand at the Modefabriek. You can find them in the segment ‘The Square’.