Nieuwe mediapartner; STYLE INDICATOR

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style indicator

This week Style Indicator is live. Style Indicator is a distinguished web magazine about fashion that wants to inform and inspire by means of text and images to tell the stories behind new and authentic directions of fashion design. We show that worldwide so many beautiful things are designed and produced by both international leading designers, well known brands, still almost unknown labels and individual designers.

Our taste varies from minimalistic to eclectic, from effortlessly elegant to avant-garde. We follow the international trends, but also our own intuition.

By deepening inspiration sources, craftmanship and technology, cultural and historic aspects, social developments and lifestyles – which underlie a trend, a product, a collection or a brand – Style Indicator aims to show the consumer and fashion professional how magical fashion can be.

Fashion is the main point of focus, but will be related to different creative disciplines like design, interiors, art, photography, architecture and food.

Style Indicator is an initiative of Meta Struycken and Simon Verlaat who published the fashion trademagazine newStyle for more than 10 years. Be inspired!

true fashion is about beauty, expression, vision, tradition & innovation, craftsmanship, authenticity, history, emotion, seduction, energy, playing, magic, eclecticism, culture, vintage & avant-garde  …

true fashion is about textile and texture, weaving, dyeing, print, colour, shape, tailoring, moulage, drape, construction, layering, embroidery, stitching, decoration, details …

style indicator loves the language of true fashion design
and the many possibilities to dress
we aspire to inspire
by telling
stories behind style

a new online magazine