*Nieuw* The Editors

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This winter edition, Modefabriek is introducing an entirely new concept: The Editors. Four ‘guest editors’ are invited to create a dream shop filled with new talents.

Modefabriek always offers opportunities to new talents from both the Netherlands and abroad. The new The Editors platform will also highlight the talents of the entrepreneur/buyer as curator. What is the vision and how is it presented? What brands, products and services are relevant?

For every edition, Modefabriek invites ‘guest editors’ to create their dream shop. The Editors are successful trendsetters and up-and-coming ‘game changers’ from a broad creative spectrum, with a shared passion for fashion and style. Art directors, designers, stylists and photographers, bloggers, magazine producers or editors, gallery owners and other cultural initiators, regardless of discipline, each determine the future in their own unique way. With their curated vision of the fashion shop of the future, they introduce a personal selection of Dutch and international talents in the field of fashion and everything related to it.

The editors for the upcoming edition in January are: Sabrina Meijer from the blog afterDRK, Martijn Nekoui from MOAM, Joachim Baan from current-obsessions.com and curated.nl and fashion consultant Carlo Wijnands.

Fashion blog star Sabrina Meijer from afterDRK takes us on a titillating journey ‘Around the World in xx Brands’, from West Coast America via Lithuania to Australia. Sabrina includes the following in this journey: Frame Denim from Los Angeles, bags from KARA of New York, jewellery label Tom Wood of Norway and knitwear label ‘I love Mr. Mittens’ from Australia.

Martijn Nekoui from the multidisciplinary talent coaching platform MOAM – in the picture again recently with the successful HEMA collaboration – is going for clean, open and ‘WHITE’. Nekoui is presenting ten Dutch makers with pure, innovative, sustainable and creative products, from traditionally crafted blankets from By Mölle to ‘humanwear’ from Maison the Faux and minimalist bicycles from Veloretti.

Joachim Baan will be presenting an offline ‘The Rain Edition’ of his online studio and store ‘Our Current Obsessions’: “The focus is not the product, but the story of rain and everything that goes with it. As Roger Miller says so well, “Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” Discover the stories behind Norwegian Rain, the Fendor Bendor from WIT Industries and the Lifeproof iPhone case via Otterbox.

TW_0110 v2 (shite shirt_tux jacket_tanktop)
sieraden van Tom Wood

Finally, our fashion talent connoisseur Carlo Wijnands will be carrying out his ‘REAL’ theme, a vision on retail as a ‘living editorial’, where everything converges in all suitable spaces. Within this theme, he is creating four platforms with Avelon (REAL WOMEN), Sjaak Hullekes (REAL MEN), Frozen Fountain (REAL DESIGN) and Roger Cremers (REAL ART).