OBJECT COLLECTORS ITEM presenteert nieuw label 1.

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The Danish fashion brand OBJECT COLLECTORS ITEM proudly presents 1, – a brand characterized by a very high level of quality, outstanding design and a high mark-up.

Peter Holvad, Brand Manager of 1. says the DNA consists of edgy and innovative styles with a variety of raw and clean looks. 1. aims towards creating a modern framework by keeping up with trends and maintaining the minimalistic design signature of 1. “To ensure “State Of The Art” in our upcoming collection we have teamed up with Henrik and Stine Busk who created the concept and guided 1. in the right direction from the beginning of the process”.  1. will be introduced at Modefabriek in January 2013 and the Pre-Fall collection will be launched in store in July 2013.

You can find OBJECT COLLECTERS ITEM in Industry.