Ontwerpwedstrijd Modefabriek x PRJCT AMS

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PRJCT AMS x Modefabriek

Do you have a great menswear design just waiting to be made?

Submit it for the new “Modefabriek x PRJCT AMS” design contest

Modefabriek and PRJCT AMS have joined forces to create a major design contest for talented young people: “Modefabriek x PRJCT AMS”. Students, beginning designers and self-taught designers can send in a design for menswear or men’s accessories. The ten best entries will be presented at Modefabriek’s Blueprint platform on 14 and 15 July. The winner will be chosen by visitors and participants at Modefabriek. You can also vote for your favourite on the Modefabriek Facebook page, so your friends can help you out.

PRJCT AMS x Modefabriek

PRJCT AMS stands for Project Amsterdam, a new co-creative initiative based in a beautiful store located in the Negen Straatjes neighbourhood of Amsterdam. PRJCT AMS carries out fashion projects in collaboration with creative minds from a range of disciplines from art and fashion to music and photography. The co-creation model allows PRJCT AMS to bring together creative talent and the necessary expertise and experience in production and design under one collective label. PRJCT AMS currently still concentrates on menswear, but there are also plans to move into women’s fashion in the near future. The pieces resulting from all collaborations, including that of the PRJCT AMS x Modefabriek design contest winner, will be put on display and on sale in the PRJCT AMS gallery/shop at Gasthuismolensteeg 18 in Amsterdam.

Modefabriek regularly provides opportunities for young talents and particularly approves of PRJCT AMS’s initiative as it provides support where it is most needed: at the stage of execution. Young talent is often in need of helpful guidance and knowledge in the path from the idea to the execution of a good product.

Participants have until 25 June 2013 to submit their designs to redactie@modefabriek.nl. The designs should be supplied in a digital presentation format (such as InDesign or Photoshop), digital photos and/or scanned collages or sketches. We the editors would love to read a bit about your concept, your design philosophy and your plans for the future, in addition to a brief CV.