Petra de Jonge // Uniek modebedrijf

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Petra de Jonge

In the company and the fashion collection of Dutch fashion designer Petra de Jonge, 20 years of experience in the European fashion industry come together. After a career in Paris as a designer of renowned brands like Kenzo, Barbara Bui and Marithé & François Girbaud, Petra now sculpts her knowledge into inventive garments. The feminine line of Petra de Jonge is a collection of mainly stretch, highly wearable, technically refined dresses, leggings, knitted cardigans and tops. The architectural construction of natural shapes is an on-going inspiration for the 3-dimensional approach of her designs and artworks such as prints, knit stiches and laser techniques.

The summer 2014 collection by Petra de Jonge is an exotic journey to a beautiful island. Transparent- and stretch fabrics in combination with technical jerseys contribute to cool and airy pieces. The colours reflect life above and under water. The dessins are printed or lasered, inspired by shells, sand and flowing water. Every item is unique, to be worn as relaxed evening gown or special day wear. Buying a Petra de Jonge piece is like buying a treasure. Petra de Jonge presents her collection in the REFINED+ segment of Modefabriek.