Positieve sfeer op Modefabriek

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Although the occasional stylist and designer continues to flirt with the grunge look, there was no crisis fashion to be found. Instead, labels with a down-to-earth look emphasise the luxury of durable quality, while labels with more frills and fun opt for a strong identity. “Shops are looking for exclusivity, something that catches the eye,” explained the staff member at the stand for the young Parisian label American Retro that, like Little Mistress of London, was participating in Modefabriek for the first time. Niki Burwinkel from Little Mistress: “We had high expectations and they’ve been met. We’ve found lots of good customers, including great boutiques in the denim segment, online and brick-and-mortar shops.” ‘Exclusive’ does not necessarily mean catering solely to the upper segment. Dutch label studioRUIG has steadily developed into a ‘mature’ label. “We’ve noticed that an increasingly wider segment is interested in our product. We are eager to meet this demand but without abandoning the upper segment, our loyal customers from day one. Shops can start by selling jerseys and accessories. And the men’s line is under development,” said Dewi de Brouwer from the Gare du Robe agency. “The designers at StudioRUIG are proud to be here.”

Martin Tramper, Design Manager of the successful Dutch women’s label Stills, which will soon be branching off from the Velthoven Group, praised the noticeably positive mind-set at Modefabriek: “People see, above all, opportunities.” And Vivian Holla from Denhem, participating in Modefabriek for the first time to present the results of their new women’s designer, called the atmosphere “nice and airy, with everyone interested in something new.”

In the Industry segment, Maarten Jansen and his team were also enjoying this ‘really great event’ under huge Eleven Paris 10th anniversary campaign pictures with Lenny Kravits. He had just come from Blueprint, where he was presenting the Elvine collection. “I’m more than satisfied and the turnout has been good despite the weather. We’re riding on a good wave.”

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