Aanwezig op Modefabriek: Laurél / / Arts meets Azië

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The internationally renowned brand Laurél is known for – exciting, appealing and always feminine – collections. They stand for ‘luxury ease’, which is reflected in looks with feel-good style that can be worn 24/7. For their Spring/Summer collection 2014 ‘East meets West’, they present a modern, urban collection infused with exotic impressions. Laurél designer Elisabeth Schwaiger found their inspiration in the traditional crafts of Asia. The richly detailed skilled craftsmanship that is the hallmark of Far Eastern cultures is combined with cooler Wester influences.

“The more exotic the inspiration, the greater the challenge to present the designs as a natural result”, says Elisabeth Schwaiger, describing the process of designing the collection.  “Styles are dominated by new silhouettes: traditional Japanese kimonos appear as T-shape dresses and as dresses with batwing sleeves. These kimono dresses can be worn in various ways, including over pants.” In its most traditional form, a kimono is produced from luxurious fabrics and lavishly decorated, but never losing its loose, roomy comfort. Are you excited to see the new collection? You can find Laurél in the Refined segment at Modefabriek.