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Bart Koenraad (33) Denham
Function: sales

How would you describe Denham in 4 words?
“Jeans, passion, power, and truth in details.”

Which item is very characteristic in the Denham collections?
“That would be the Razor jeans! It is a very light jeans with a soft quality fabric and a perfect fit. In addition, it also is our bestseller from the Denham collections.”

Where does the name ‘Denham’ originate?
“The owner of the label is named Jason Denham, so our brand name simply originates from his last name. Our logo is a scissor. It reflects back to the originator’s love for working with old clothing scissors.”

If it was up to you, how would you see the fashion industry change in the next ten years?
“I would want to see labels being more honest and open about the chain that they work in. We need to do it together, that means that every department of this industry should be open to each other: from factory to store. This includes the whole fashion industry; factories, distribution, import etc.”

What does your wardrobe look like?
“My wardrobe holds black items, white items and of course tons of denim.”

Which item is worth an investment for you?
“A very nice piece of denim or a coat with a beautiful storytelling is worth the investment to me. Thus, a piece that is made with very innovative, or on the other hand very old-fashioned, techniques.”

Could you name an example of such a special technique?
“The Komatsu knit is beautiful! It is a very tight knit technique of soft quality and it is water resistant.”

Where does your love for fashion originate?
“Fashion was already a part of my life when I grew up. Most of my family members are distributors and importers of several clothing brands. Therefore, in my younger days I used to accompany them to trade fairs, markets and I had many part-time jobs in clothing stores. I really enjoy the fashion branch.”

Which fashion advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?
“Everyone needs a great pair of jeans in their wardrobe, that is what I would say to my younger self. Save all your earned money to invest in a fine denim.”