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Maarten Janse (41), Tiger of Sweden
Job title: Owner of Lexson, Tiger of Sweden importer

How would you describe the style of your brand in five words?
“Sophisticated, perfect fit, on point, quality, sexy (from the office to the bank).”

Where does your passion for fashion originate?
“Purely to quality. I have great appreciation for an item of clothing with a good fit and of excellent quality. That excites me.”

What sense or feeling do you hope to invoke in wearers of your label?
“First and foremost, a sense of self-assurance and strength.”

What item forms the common thread in all Tiger of Sweden collections?
“The suit jacket for men. That one item can serve as the basis for an entire look and endless variations.”

Do you have any peculiar habits when it comes to a certain item of clothing?
“I always wear something with a collar. For some reason, I feel tremendously naked without a collar. I have no idea where I got this idea. Of course, you’ll notice I’m wearing a T-shirt today. And, yes, I feel completely naked…”

What do you believe is the most important clothing item to invest in?
“A good jacket! What I mean is a jacket for outdoors, not indoors. With a good jacket in your wardrobe, you can go wild with your outfits. Personally, I have around 20 jackets hanging in my closet.”

What clothing advice would you give your younger self?
“Dare to invest in quality and enjoy it. Quality clothing is so much more enjoyable than disposable clothing.”

Have you noticed any major changes in the fashion industry today compared to the past?
“When I began working in the fashion industry around eleven years ago, I noticed that everything was a bit more superficial. The industry used to be more about beautiful people and appearances than the brand itself. Since then, I’ve noticed brands playing a more important role. Fashion has become a bit more professional.”

Do you think you fit in well with the fashion industry?
“No, I actually feel like a farmer among city folk. But, you know, that’s not what it’s about either. A brand simply needs a strong vision and we need to do our job right. Nowadays, it’s all about figures and no longer looks.”