Shoppable exhibition

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Last winter edition of Modefabriek, we invited Floor Knaapen and Grietje Schepers for the second time to create a new Current Mood Store. This shoppable exhibition creates an installation filled with a diversity of products – a combination of fashion and accessories, design and interior – which are immediately for sale online via . See now, buy now!

Blurred Lines
The theme for this edition’s shoppable exhibition was Blurred Lines. According to astrologers, we are in the middle of a transition to the ‘Age of Aquarius’. The truth is no longer black and white, opposites dissolve – between masculinity and femininity – it all becomes fluid. This resulted in an ambience that is transparent and dynamic, flow and flux, blurred and clear at the same time. Like water.

Current Mood Store
Online, the Current Mood Store is an inspiring area throughout the entire year. This store is all about showing fashion, design and art works by young talents as well as by well-known names. Twice a year this online store gets physical at Modefabriek. We can’t wait for the next Current Mood Store during our Summer edition!