SPIJKERBRIJ // Nieuwe producten van oude jeans

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Leonie & Lois, recently graduated with their mobile factory ‘Spijkerbrij’. During their research for  their  graduation project, they found out that the love for jeans also creates a surplus of jeans! 20% of this surplus is unwearable clothing. This is a shame, especially when you realize that the production time of a new pair of jeans is very long.

They want to repurpose used jeans and show what else you can do with it. This has led to the mobile factory ‘Spijkerbrij’. You will experience the entire process of creating a new product through a technique inspired by Dutch customs and crafts. Leonie & Lois want to show that it’s fun and easy to create something new out of everyday materials. You are no longer just a visitor but you can contribute to the whole process. Don’t forget to hand in your old jeans at ‘Spijkerbrij’; the first 25 visitors will receive a ‘Spijkerbrij’ product for free!