Story behind the name: RAAFH

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Last edition of Modefabriek we asked some of our exhibitors the story behind the name of the brand. Why did Dutch newcomer choose the name RAAFH?

The name RAAFH comes from raven (and in Dutch 1 raven is called a ‘raaf’). The big black bird with that blueish shine on its feathers. “The odd one” among the birds. It’s rare yet notorious, suborn yet attractive. Words as masculine, sophisticated, individualistic, personal, curious and rare suit the bird as well as the brand.

RAAFH was launched January 2012 and the collection they showed on Modefabriek (last July) was their second collection. The style of this Amsterdam based family business is clear: a combination of high standard tailoring, the look of an exclusive garment but the comfort of your favourite sweater. It’s shabby chic in high quality. RAAFH is to be worn whenever the wearer feels to. Their favourite item of the latest collection is the mens ‘pyjamas-suit’, the street PJ’s. Well, how much comfort do you need?