Opkomend talent

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modefabriek 14 01 by RVDA I 9378

On the young designer platform Next, Peter Leferink, senior lecturer at the AMFI fashion institute by day, presented his own women’s label PCL under the guise of ‘now or never’. This experienced designer has deliberately opted for small-scale, luxury and local. He shared his experience at Modefabriek on his Facebook page: “Very interesting reactions to my work (…), which show time and again that what moves me also moves others, like an embrace.” And on Day 2: “Until yesterday, it did not seem possible to be energised by participating in a trade show.” FoA (First of August) of Amsterdam also captured admiration for its utterly wearable minimalistic design in genuine premium quality. Every design has its own QR code that refers to a web page with detailed information on all the unique properties of the materials and production process. Designer Karlijn Boersma also organises lectures on sociology and fashion at the FoA Academy.

Together with six other unique up-and-coming designer labels, PCL and FoA also presented their creations within the context of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. Thanks to combined strengths, the Next by Modefabriek exhibition on Saturday, the 25th, at Westerliefde was a huge success. This was the first time that Modefabriek presented its fashion findings to the public outside of the trade show.

next by modefabriek