WELKOM, Gabba!

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The world is moving fast in all kinds of directions – everything changes and new stories are written daily. Cultures develop, divide and absorb from other cultures. Cities evolve and yet their soul remains. Traffic, billboards, smog, the sounds of cars honking, sirens in the distance, street musicians on the corner. Craziness remains, the soul remains, originality remains.


This inspiration has been the offset for the SS15 collection, digging into what’s original and has true soul. The result is an undertone of rock’n’roll – influenced by a free spirited attitude with a twist of indigo vintage. GABBA’s philosophy for denim is a naturally worn look, whether it’s a light, a dark, or even a raw pair of jeans to break in personally.

GABBA’s fascination with authenticity recently inspired a hunt for denim in New York City, looking for cool denims and the people who wear them. To see how that went, keep an eye on their AW14-campaign on their website, Facebook and Instagram profiles. The campaign can be followed from August till December 2014. See a small preview below and hunt for GABBA, July 13th-14th.

Hint: you can find them in the Square.