won hundred

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The collection is inspired by the Danish/Icelandic artist Olafur Eliason: Primarily known for his sculptures and large art installations, often involving elements of water, light and air.

Women’s collection

There is an easy and comfortable approach to the collection where classic, feminine elements are combined with sporty themes. True to Won Hundred’s signature the silhouettes are kept clean and simple: they vary from cropped and boxy to long and slim. The halter neck is an on-going detail on knit, sweat and jersey. Together with wide elbow length sleeves inspired by the kimono. A gently fresh palette of greens and violets dominate the collection with classic colours such as black, white and tones of grey and blue. Won Hundred wil be present at Refined +.


Men’s collection

This season Won Hundred has returned to their roots with a man’s collection where quality simplicity and edge are the main keywords. The collection is tighter nonetheless extremely versatile in is’t expression. Leather and suede jackets are essentials- adding the raw edge to the clean overall look. Colours are kept neutral with earthy tones, different shades of blue, a few splashes of pastels and colour blocking on sweats and leather jackets.  The silhouettes are slim.