Youasme Measyou / / Breisels en Jerseys van hoge kwaliteit

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YOUASME MEASYOU is specialized in high quality knitwear and jersey designs, made from the finest Italian yarns. The versatile pieces of the labels youasme (female) and measyou (male) are designed to update and complete everyday wardrobes with a contemporary edge.

YOUASME MEASYOU was founded in 2010 by Mark van Vorstenbos en Twan Janssen. Mark has earned his credits in the fashion industry working for various internationally renowned brands, specialising in creative direction and knitwear design. Twan has worked as an art director and conceptual artist, producing installations, films and paintings. Together they complement each other beautifully. Being the world’s first crowdfunded fashion brand they reflect a social conscience, focussing on what binds people. YOUASME MEASYOU can be found in ‘Nederlands Trots’ in the Refined+ segment.