Amsterdam Fashion Trade Event

Amsterdam Fashion Trade Event



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Fashion mirrors current times

Following last week's interesting interview, we talked with another consumer trend expert. Trend analyst Christine Boland was expecting to have to do her research for the winter forecast all over again when COVID-19 had arrived. But instead, she sees that the crisis turns out to be a true catalyst, rapidly pushing forward developments that had already started to surface in the pre-Corona era: the need to slow down, to re-evaluate the current status quo and to (re)use and renew all that already exists.

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The Emperor's new clothing

This week we spoke to trendwatcher Jan Agelink about being at home, standing still and taking time. We chatted about what the consequences are for the future of the fashion industry and which consumer trends are arising out of all that is happening right now. This article is filled with positivity and inspiration to push the fashion industry to the next level with a reignited, post-Corona mindset.

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