Amsterdam Fashion Trade Event JANUARY 27-28 2020

Amsterdam Fashion Trade Event JANUARY 27-28 2020


COOL JAPAN EXPO 28.09.18 - 01.09.19

The Expo Cool Japan showcases the world’s fascination with all things Japanese! From Hello Kitty to samurai and from well-known Japanese horror to kawaii (‘cute’) fashion from the streets of Tokyo. Visitors can game to their hearts’ content on Japanese arcade machines or converse with Pepper, the human robot.

on the world’s fascination with all things Japanese

From September 28 on, De Tropenmuseum will showcase their new exhibition: Cool Japan. Japan is known for its traditions and culture but at the same time for its highly futuristic character. This new exhibition will dive into contemporary icons as well as long cherished tradition, using highlights from the Tropenmuseums world-famous Japan collection. From old masters, using visual tricks in historical paintings and woodcuts to contemporary animators and illustrators. It’s an eye-catching experience for long fans and new comers interested in the intriguing Japanese culture.


Cool Japan offers enough for a full day of entertainment. From extraordinary kawaii (cute) fashion from the streets of Tokyo to Hello Kitty, Samurai and well-known Japanese horror. The centerpiece is a four-meter-high painting by artist Matsuura Hiroyuki, using a combination of traditional and modern elements. To top it off: the installation Colorful Rebellion – Seventh Nightmare by Sebastian Masuda will be showcased. After previously have been shown in big art cities like Tokyo, New York and Miami, this is the first time in the Netherlands.

Browse through an immense collection of comic books or play your best game on one of the Japanese arcade machines. Cool Japan is an exhibition that will fascinate both for young and old.
The Tropenmuseum will host several events, like Manga drawing workshops, around the Cool Japan exhibition. Keep an eye on their website for the program.

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