Amsterdam Fashion Trade Event

Amsterdam Fashion Trade Event



On Saturday 7 december, fashion fest 2019 x Museum van Loon took place: the grande finale of the multidisciplinary education program for young fashion talents. Caroline Krouwels, our Creative Director, had the honour to award the winners with an installation during Modefabriek Winter 2020 -as we truly believe in hard work and supporting talent!

The fashion show was a true manifestation of cultural heritage and a battlefield for creativity. It represented the possibilities for a more inclusive future for fashion and questioned the role of fashion in relation to the world, politics, emotions and ideas. We would like to congratulate Marionella Hanley (design), Legina Montroos (model), and Anne Wildoer (beauty artist) on winning the competition and are more than proud to offer the winning designs a stage during Modefabriek Winter 2020. 

Fashion fest 2019 x Museum van Loon 

fashion fest 2019 x Museum van Looncoaches young talents operating within the three disciplines of fashion design, beauty artistry and modeling. For this program, all participants were invited to join a team; each team consists of a designer, beauty artist and four models. Together, as a collective, they followed multiple intensive masterclasses and prepared for a catwalk show during the grande finale that took place in the garden and Koetshuisof Museum Van Loon. During the grand finale, the contestants were judged by a jury of fashion professionals, consisting of Eastwood Danso (Designer from London), Els van der Plas (General director of Dutch Nationale Opera & Ballet), Angelique Hoorn (Founder of Angelique Hoorn Management), Tim Sabajo (General Director) & Violette Esmeralda (Photographer) from Patta, JeanPaul Paula (Stylist and Creative Director), and our very own Caroline Krouwels (Co-founder and Creative Director of Modefabriek). 

‘Follow the Legacy’
The participating designers and artists were invited to use the archive collections of the renown Dutch Museum Van Loon as a source of material inspiration to stage their fresh interpretations of this year’s theme ‘Follow the Legacy’. This year’s theme is linked to the current exhibition at Museum Van Loon ‘Aan de Surinaamse grachten’. With this exhibition the museum sheds a light on the story behind the beautiful canal houses in Amsterdam in which the Van Loon family lived, as well as the hard knock life on the plantations next to the hand dug canals of Suriname. The inspiration for the collections thus came from the shared history of the Dutch Golden Age and Surinamese slavery.

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