Caroline's monthly message: Back to live!

01 Apr 2021
Door Modefabriek

Events are back on the cards as of 1 July; it’s hard to believe that we’ll finally be able to meet again after so long. The announcement gave me wings. With my European colleagues, White Milano, CIFF Copenhagen and Who’s Next Paris, I’ve been discussing the impact of these unprecedented times on our industry. But change is on the horizon, and I’m looking forward to it. Not only because we will once again be able to organise a fair, but primarily because I’ll finally be able to see my colleagues from the industry again. I can’t wait to hear their stories and experiences, and to be inspired by them.   


''In addition to sharing these turbulent times with our European colleagues, we have also all gone digital. This allows us to offer our customers improved service, and they can now also take advantage of our enormous reach online.'' 


It has never before been so important to unite as a fashion community, and to create an environment within which we can soften the blows for each other. Our digital platform enables our brands to strengthen the connection with their customers like never before. Everyone can highlight their lookbook, news and collection on the platform. Modefabriek and all of the other European fairs see this as a massive win. We know for sure that a combination of online and offline is the future. Online is about service, information and visibility. Offline is about meeting, doing business and inspiring.   


The offline element remains essential for Modefabriek. As a consumer, what we all are in the end, I have experienced first-hand how items purchased online often fail to meet expectations in real life, and get sent back. Not quite the right colour, fit, fabric or look. We just want to get back into the stores and experience the fashion.   



In these stores, it’s striking that consumers – and hence also the retailers – are after original, expressive fashion. I personally think that this is in response to the recent period; we want to return to authentically dressing ourselves for every possible occasion. After all, fashion is about identity. It reflects who you are and how you feel.  


We, but also our European colleagues, are seeing that all brands are desperate to physically take their place at a fair. Our field – fashion – is about tactility, volume, silhouette, material, and is first and foremost three dimensional. So we are thrilled about the return of the fair! The exhibitors can finally shine with their collections, and the visitors can indulge their passion for fashion. Fashion is playful, cheerful, optimistic and challenging. And that’s precisely our direction as we move towards our fair.    


See you on 11 and 12 July!  




Caroline Krouwels  

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