Caroline's monthly message: save the date 23 & 24 January 2022

08 Jul 2021
Door Modefabriek

Save the dates are flooding into my diary. Whereas we all used to be booked up for months in advance, everyone now seems to have heaps of time to organise a plethora of celebratory events, and my diary is filling up nicely. 


Everything that was off the cards for so long is once again possible, and I’m delighted! 

It truly feels like a new beginning: dinner with friends, drinks at pavement cafes, visiting an exhibition or an art fair, or travelling. It all seems like an infinity ago. 


My clothes are being released from their wardrobe prison; a new outfit for every occasion. 

Dressing up (or down) is back, and a shimmering summer is ahead of us. It’s time to meet, in ravishing outfits, with hugs and kisses. 


A never-ending party… also for Modefabriek, as we are looking forward to our long-awaited next edition! 

So I’m adding another save the date to the list: our 25th edition is on 23 and 24 January 2022! We can’t wait to shine again, with you at our side! With masses of fashion, trends, talks, music, food and new platforms with familiar favourites and new, young designers. I’m already looking forward to seeing you there. 




Caroline Krouwels, July 2021 

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