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13 May 2021
Door Modefabriek

In the run-up to the live Modefabriek event on 11 and 12 July 2021, the Modefabriek Team is hitting the road to focus the limelight on brands that are set to shine at Modefabriek this summer. Modefabriek Meets... Kicking-off is Amsterdenim!


The Amsterdenim logo is a blueprint of the city of Amsterdam. ‘Amsterdam is a powerful marketing tool, and it’s also the denim capital of the world’, explains director Ewout Key Rameijer. ‘Of course, the image of the city also has a lot to do with the name. The culture, the self-assurance – or perhaps arrogance – and the liberty of Amsterdam. That sense of greatness, of self-assurance, that’s Amsterdenim’. The enthusiastic owner shows us around; the showroom breathes denim, everything about the place just makes sense. The love of denim is tangible, and Ewout’s passion is also evident in his words: ‘You should treat your trousers like you would a coat, so wear it often and don’t wash it too much. This’ll make your denim look even better, your clothes will last longer, and it’s also better for the environment’.

Amsterdenim and Douwe Bob 

Denim got its rebellious image thanks to the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando, 1950s legends who combined the white T-shirt (originally underwear) and denims (actually workwear) to create a casual outfit. For Ewout, that’s the connection: it’s about freedom and rebellion. And this is embodied by singer-songwriter Douwe Bob, who recently became co-owner of Amsterdenim. ‘The brand and Douwe have a lot in common. Douwe is a rebel, a huge denim fan, and he has warm ties with Amsterdam. He embodies everything that Amsterdenim represents; greatness and self-assurance, even when others can’t see that in you. We even have shirts featuring his tattoos in our collection’.


Amsterdenim and coronavirus

‘We’ve created a small collection this time, a few shirts, a new jacket, but even that was actually too much. Sales are down considerably: of the 100 stores, 30 are now ordering, and sales there are 70% less than normal’. The pandemic forced the switch to the webstore. That was in working order, but it was never actually our core business. The focus is now on optimising the online service, as good reviews are massively important to Amsterdenim. But Amsterdenim prefers to concentrate mostly on marketing and creation, not consumer sales. ‘We prefer to leave that to the retailers, who are in the position to sell a complete experience, and just know what they are doing. Our webstore will never be in the same league as that’, says Ewout. 


Amsterdenim and Modefabriek

Ewout first visited Modefabriek back in 2000, with former employers. ‘What I like about Modefabriek is that it’s so Dutch! Everyone has usually already been to the other international fairs. At the other fairs, some people or brands seem larger and more important, but at Modefabriek, everyone is just back home, it’s a chance for everyone to say hi’. Ewout has also personally experienced how interactions are different abroad: ‘As soon as I put on my exhibitor’s badge, I become invisible. When I take it off, everyone is suddenly friendly. It’s not like that at Modefabriek: everyone just says hi and we’re a lot more direct, which I like’. Amsterdenim is very much looking forward to Modefabriek, they thought it was a shame that the previous edition was cancelled, but considering the circumstances, saw it coming. ‘What makes a fair special is meeting people who you hadn’t planned on seeing. So the idea is not that you cram as many meetings as possible into your time at the fair, because you can just as well do that back at your showroom. At a fair, you need to be free and available to meet people who you didn’t realise you were looking for, and who didn’t realise they were looking for you’.


It’s for good reason that the pay-off in the contact section of Amsterdenim’s website reads: ‘Meet the people behind the brand at our headquarters at the Spijkerkade 11 in Amsterdam Noord, trade shows and events’. 

And we say: meet Amsterdenim live at Modefabriek! Or check out the online showroom of Amsterdenim on our B2B-marketplace.

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