Modefabriek will not take place on 23+24 January

23 Dec 2021
Door Modefabriek

We had faith and hope until the end, but the sudden lockdown that the Dutch government has implemented until at least January 14, 2022, has made us decide not to let Modefabriek take place on 23 & 24 January 2022.

There is too much uncertainty about a possible extension of the current lockdown, and we also cannot guarantee that in this unpredictable situation - with the rapidly spreading new virus variant omicron, the travel restrictions, quarantine rules and distance rules - we can continue the fair in a safe manner.  

Our team is devastated. After the government announced the lockdown on Saturday 18 December, we immediately realized that everything had become unsure again. With the previous editions that we had to cancel we could foresee it coming. This time, the situation is different and sudden. We were on a fast-moving train, and then suddenly it hit a wall. This caused tremendous havoc. We definitely felt the need to keep going, so did the industry, but we also feel that it’s unrealistic to proceed at this moment.

We are already at an advanced stage: there are more than 325 brands on the exhibitor list. Furthermore, ticket sales have started, construction has started, and the floor plan is designed. The brands and the entire fashion industry clearly are in need of a live event. We could sense that it was going to be a great trade show with beautiful brands, paired with a new fresh vision. It's a huge shock to the entire industry, especially to the retailers who had to close their doors at this important time of the year. It is extremely sad. 

We would like to thank everyone, our exhibitors, visitors and partners for the confidence they placed in us. Without them, we would never have gotten this far. 

In January we will start with renewed courage to prepare for our summer edition that will take place on 10 and 11 July 2022. Because we have all missed it, and now we all have to miss it again: a live trade event, the business, the dynamics and emotions that arise from personal encounters, the inspiration, each other!

Team Modefabriek

PS In case you already bought tickets: payments will be refunded as soon as possible. You will be contacted by email.

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