Caroline Krouwels succeeds Lucel van den Hoeven as CEO of Modefabriek

16 Oct 2020
Door Modefabriek

The current CEO of Modefabriek, Lucel van den Hoeven, hands over the reins to co-founder Caroline Krouwels.


As CEO of Modefabriek, Lucel worked closely with his team to create a highly successful, prosperous company, which flourished into a leading player in the field of creative events. In addition to the Modefabriek events, the company has also developed other events over the years, including Denim Days, and – via its new division, Firma C – Modefabriek develops creative platforms for various parties. 


Van den Hoeven: ‘When we launched Modefabriek some 25 years ago, it was a modest initiative born out of the need for a creative platform in the fashion industry. In all of our activities, we have always stood out from the crowd with our creative, refreshing perspective, without losing sight of the commercial aspect. Modefabriek is without doubt a company to be proud of. Developing and implementing ideas and solutions has always motivated me, and that’s what I would now like to focus on more – less concerned with day-to-day management, but instead working in a free, independent role’.


It’s with this shift in focus in mind that Van den Hoeven passes control of Modefabriek to co-founder Caroline

Krouwels, formerly Creative Director of the company. Van den Hoeven and Krouwels have been working towards this step for some time now, in order to make the switch as smooth as possible. Together with her skilled and experienced colleagues, Krouwels is set to take Modefabriek B.V. to the next level. Modefabriek is

currently working hard on the expansion and further development of the – recently launched – digital platform,

as well as on tweaking the company and events to suit the current challenging times. No mean feat, but Van den Hoeven has every faith.


He concludes: ‘It goes without saying that I will remain closely involved with Modefabriek B.V. as a shareholder, and will continue to play an active role in the future development of our company. I will also be taking complete charge of Denim Days, which will celebrate its sixth edition at the end of October with an entirely online, coronavirus-proof programme’.

Photo: Reinier van der Aart

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