Event - 4: Sustainable Stop


Modefabriek's Responsible Route guides visitors along brands that actively take responsibility and are committed to reducing their negative impact. This way, we show how fashion and responsibility can go hand in hand: 

A Beautiful Story • A.kjaerbede • Affêre • Alchemist • Attire Amsterdam • CÉ • Copenhagen Studios • Didriksons • East 42nd • EE Labels • El Naturalista • Elemente Clemente • Fabienne Chapot • Floria Collective • Frieda & Freddies • Green Petition • Homage Jeans • Indi & Cold • Isula Parfums • Kintobe • Liebeskind • Liza Witte • Lotte van Stijn • Marc O'Polo • MSCH Copenhagen • NUTT Amsterdam • Perzia • Vinoos • W.Wegener • Zilch

When is a brand sufficiently green to make the cut and exhibit at the Responsible Route? We have developed the criteria that the brands must meet: ambitious, transparent, eco-friendly, circular, good working conditions, sustainable materials and giving back to local communities. 

Before a brand can take its place on the platform, RethinkRebels assesses its sustainability criteria in consultation with Modefabriek. 

If you associate yourself with the above criteria and would like to bring your brand to Modefabriek’s Responsible Route, please send an email to sales@modefabriek.nl.