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04 Oct 2021
Door Modefabriek

The coronavirus crisis is one of the reasons behind an ever-increasing awareness and sense of responsibility among designers, business owners, producers and consumers. There are several major factors at play and this is certainly not purely a result of the global lockdown, but the fact that the pause button was pushed on the world has helped us realise that we can, and need to, do our bit to drive change.

Major economic factors such as high raw material and transport expenses are naturally also playing a significant role, as is the recent climate change report and the spirit of the age. It goes without saying that sustainable fashion is nothing new, but it is becoming an increasingly hot topic with consumers and producers. We are reusing, we’re trying out innovative combinations of existing clothes with carefully selected new items, and we’re buying clothes with a much longer lifespan. And we’re also switching to local. All of these factors are behind our drive to now push for real change.


Local production                                  

Higher raw material prices and shipping container costs are forcing companies to take action. They are moving production partially or completely away from Asia and towards Europe and Turkey, and are also looking for greener ways of producing their wares. For existing companies, switching to more local and sustainable suppliers isn’t straightforward: it will be a gradual process. For up-and-coming brands, sustainability is no longer a question, but rather a given. They have a completely different mindset and are hence leading the way in the – often still rather traditional – fashion industry. Their perspective, creativity and vision will guide our future.


It’s vital that Modefabriek keeps pace with the current transition in the fashion industry, which is why we are adding a segment to our online platform and offline event on 23 & 24 January 2022, where we are offering sustainable European manufacturers a stage to share their expertise, quality and possibilities with brands. In our role as the epicentre of the fashion industry, this is our drive to unite brands with producers that are safeguarding sustainability. To offer our support as companies move into unfamiliar – and for many, uncharted – territory. It’s an essential addition to the Modefabriek platform.

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