Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek: Van Tilburg

08 Dec 2023
Door Modefabriek

In Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek, we talk to retailers and buyers about their personal favourites, what inspires them and what they will be looking for next round of trade shows. This week: Ilse Teunissen, buyer women's fashion and shoes at Van Tilburg Mode en Sport in Nistelrode.


Where do you get the most inspiration?

"I think on Instagram anyway. One of my favourites is @thefrankieshop, a clothing brand with shops in Paris and New York. And I like to follow influencers like Lizzy van der Ligt, Tessa van Montfoort and Anouk Yve, as well as Lonneke Noteboom. She reflects Dutch consumers well. We also get a lot of inspiration during the city trips we take."


How do you prepare when you go to a trade show?

"We are already working on budgets, which we tighten in response to what we see at trade fairs. We also take inspiration trips, such as the recent trip to Milan with EK Retail. Furthermore, at the beginning of the season we go to the presentation of trend forecaster Christine Boland with all buyers."


Why is it relevant for you as a buyer to visit a trade fair like Modefabriek? 

"Modefabriek is leading as a trade fair. We really like seeing so many Dutch brands together. We always go there for the full two days with the entire buying team.”


Best find at a fashion fair ever?

"Last year, we came across the little brand Les Soeurs at Modefabriek. We immediately liked that and it caught on with the customers. In Copenhagen, we discovered Co'couture years ago, and later Neo Noir. Both of those also worked out well in the shop."


What's on the buying list for winter 2024?

"Of course, we are always looking for the gems, but we don't consciously look for new brands. In terms of trends, we see that black is back and wide trousers are continuing across all age groups. Furthermore, the picture is getting a little calmer, with fewer prints and more unis. Metallics are doing very well. For a long time, the focus was on gold, but silver is now breaking through as well. We will definitely be shopping all that for next winter."


What's on your personal wish list this season?

"I would still like to buy a really nice long patent leather jacket. Arma and Stand Studio have very nice ones. But it's not like there's another hook free on the coat rack, because I have a lot of coats. I also really like long woolen coats, like from Max Mara."


Where do you like to shop?

"I am a huge Antwerp freak, both in terms of shopping and food. I try to go there twice a year. To shops like Graanmarkt 13, Cosi Cosi, Princess and of course Les Soeurs' shop."



What do you prefer to wear?

"Personally, I like clean and basic. I'm into wide legs. That can be jeans, but also leather trousers or nice classic trousers. Preferably with a nice knit on top or a simple white T-shirt with a blazer. And then with trainers or a ballerina. I always wear flat shoes."


Your favourite fragrance?

"I am a fan of Skins Cosmetics and all the perfumes they sell. But when I don't have money, I also feel free to buy a bottle of Atelier Rebul at our shop. I do like some heavier scents, with notes of oak and wood."


How sustainable are you?

"In our family, we consciously eat meat only three times a week and we use Vinted a lot. I buy clothes for the children there and sell my own clothes. In the shop, we are also working on sustainability. For instance, by printing as little as possible and separating waste. We have solar panels and drive electric cars."


Written by Rosita van der Kwaak

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