Meet the experts: Mehtap Güngörmez about men’s fashion

12 Dec 2022
Door Modefabriek

At Modefabriek on 22 and 23 January 2023 in Amsterdam you can gain a great deal of up-to-date knowledge and inspiration during the TALKS and MASTERCLASSES. Here, experts will show you what's going on and how you can respond to it professionally. In 'Meet the Experts' we'll give a weekly sneak peek. This week: Mehtap Güngörmez, trend forecaster at Textilia. “There is never just one trend going on.” 


For more than 11 years, Mehtap has been involved in men's fashion. She started at Elsevier as a journalist and soon after became a trendwatcher at Textilia. "I always kept an eye on everything in the field of men's fashion – and I still do. Occasionally I also work for commercial brands as a consultant or give trend forecasting masterclasses." 


Manageable tips for retailers 

As a trend forecaster, Mehtap regularly gives masterclasses packed with inspiration and purchasing tips. "I make trends manageable for retailers: what does today's man need and how do you translate that as a retailer into buying the right products? Based on my years of experience and focus, I have a certain meta vision, but I am also very concrete." 


During her presentation, Mehtap will show various examples of men's fashion trends. "Different concepts and directions are discussed. There is never just one trend going on, there are always several. I try to divide the trends into logical themes, with clear visual material." 


Role of men has changed 

According to Mehtap, the role of men in 2022 has changed considerably compared to a while ago. "In recent years, men have been increasingly involved in fashion. Where this used to be mainly a female thing, you see fade away a lot of lines between what is masculine and feminine. Mixing styles is the norm nowadays, even if you look at the mix in sportswear and classic men's fashion, for example." 


For Mehtap, fashion is more than just the outward appearance. "I see fashion as an expression of culture. Everything comes together in fashion. Music, art, design: the way someone presents themselves comes from somewhere. I always find the underlying reason very interesting, and I try to translate this when I make the trends." 


Do you want to know which men's fashion trends will be seen everywhere next year? Or are you curious whether your collection is still up to date? Attend Mehtaps Masterclass at Modefabriek 22 & 23 January 2023.  

Written by Paula Vaarkamp

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