Modefabriek creates central location for sustainable fashion; The Sustainable Stop

26 Oct 2021
Door Modefabriek

The word is out: Modefabriek is proudly launching a new area. On 23 and 24 January 2022, the fair will welcome a central location for sustainable brands, designers and producers: The Sustainable Stop. This is where visitors can get acquainted with an array of outstanding sustainable brands that have a critical perspective of the fashion industry; as here at Modefabriek, we also recognise the need for a greener future. The major added bonus: it’ll be easier for stores and buyers to jump on the sustainability train. 

The Sustainable Stop; a dedicated area for sustainable brands 

We decided it was high time that sustainability was given a central location at the fair. Modefabriek wants to highlight how sustainability is the way forward, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with sustainability expert Rachel Cannegieter to define seven parameters. These sustainable values are not an official hallmark, guarantee or certification, but they help show what a brand stands for. Visitors can scan a QR code to access detailed, transparent information on the sustainability aspect that is top priority for the brand. 

The Sustainable Stop: 7 sustainable values 

The seven Modefabriek values that will be shining at The Sustainable Stop in January are: Ambition, Transparent, Eco-Friendly, Working Conditions, Sustainable Materials, Local and Circular. Ambition is about giving back. For example, these brands give something back to society, offset CO2, plant trees or support local communities. Transparent is about how open a brand is regarding the supply chain; the entire production process. Eco-Friendly concerns the environmentally-friendly production of clothing, using e.g. less water. Working Conditions speaks for itself: these brands can prove that their clothes are produced fairly. Sustainable Materials is about the use of environment- and animal-friendly materials such as Tencel and organic cotton, or innovative materials such as apple leather. Packaging is also in this category. Local concerns local production, e.g. within Europe, which can help to reduce carbon emissions. And last, but not least, is Circular. Circular brands use a closed-loop system to combat overproduction. Tailor-made, pre-order or vintage, for example.


The Sustainable Stop is more than simply an area for sustainable brands, it’s also here to inspire! Amsterdam-based sustainable e-commerce platform Paro Store will present 15 first-rate sustainable brands, and Manufy, the leading platform for sustainable clothing production in Europe, will present a number of sustainable producers on 23 and 24 January.

How to get involved? 

If you identify with one of the sustainable values, mail to for the assessment criteria and to register. We look forward to seeing you on 23 and 24 January 2022!

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