Modefabriek Meets… Beaumont

30 May 2024
Door Modefabriek

In the run-up to Modefabriek, our exhibitors share their latest news and plans for the upcoming exhibition edition on 7 + 8 July 2024. This week we talked to with Beaumont, which is no longer just a jacket brand.


What's your news for summer 2025?

Esther Damave, international sales manager at Beaumont: "Originally Beaumont is a coat brand, but we keep expanding this into clothing and accessories every season. Five years ago, we started with suits as an addition to the jackets and that was a huge hit. In the years since, we have expanded the clothing range to include dresses, skirts, tops and denim. With each set, you can combine a jacket in the same colour scheme. This season, we took inspiration from the warm and luxurious feeling as well as the timeless style of the French Riviera. We have given a new twist to our tailored program, by playing with different finishes, silhouettes and materials. In addition, we are introducing jumpsuits, cargo skirts and denim."



How are retailers responding to the expansion of the collection?

"They sell the clothing line very well. Meanwhile, 95% of our customers buy from both the jacket and apparel collections. Because we want to load the brand and show how to combine the collections, we present pop-up shops in collaboration with retailers. This often gives a boost to sales. This is not only reserved for the big multibrand shops; We also do mini pop-ups at boutiques with a clothes rack and a window sticker. We also encourage entrepreneurs to boost sales with, for example, fun giveaways. Occasionally someone from our own sales team spends a day at a pop-up, which often provides valuable input from consumers."


Can you give us a sneak peek of the summer 2025 collection?

‘As told, our designers have been inspired by the je-ne-sais-quoi style of the French Riviera: stylish and uncomplicated. We are introducing new shapes, surprising fabrics and fresh colours within our tailored range. Think shiny glamour fabrics or oversized models. In jackets, the bomber jackets stand out, in all kinds of variations: in shiny fabrics, imitation wool or in a longer model. Furthermore, trench coats remain important, in shiny qualities or beautiful washed cotton. All our jackets are colour- and silhouette-matched to the clothing collection.’



What are you going to show off at Modefabriek in July? 

‘We want to immerse visitors in the Beaumont atmosphere by building an exclusive Beaumont boutique, including Beaumont-worthy appetizers in the colours from the new collection. We will present the collection in several small drops and, as always, we unpack with rotating platforms and coloured mannequins. Everything inside the stand will be one colour, this season it's a fresh blue colour from the new collection for a real wow effect."

How important is Modefabriek to you?

"This is where we meet our customers, but we also invite our 22 agents from all over Europe. We started doing that for the first-time last winter. We can give them a very nice presentation at the office, but we prefer to inspire them in this way, in combination with an informative meeting. We received positive reactions to that; it is fantastic for our agents to see Beaumont at an event like Modefabriek. Of course, we also meet our customers and inspire them by presenting the key items in the collection. In addition to the Dutch customers, we also see more and more German customers at Modefabriek now that there are no longer any major German trade fairs. As a result, Modefabriek will be an important place for us to start the sales season."


Written by Rosita van der Kwaak

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