Modefabriek Meets… Fashion Brewery

15 Jan 2024
Door Modefabriek

In the run-up to Modefabriek, a few exhibitors share their latest news and plans for the upcoming edition on January 21 + 22 January 2024. Fashion group Fashion Brewery introduces four women's fashion brands to the Dutch market. 

What is your news for winter 2024-2025?

Dieter Deceuninck of Fashion Brewery, which includes the agencies Mote'l Amsterdam (for the Netherlands), Showroom Noire, The Closet and Eye on Fashion (all three for Belgium and Luxembourg): "In total, we represent 30 labels and the upcoming winter season we are launching some fantastic new brands. At Mote'l Amsterdam, these include Envii, Alohas, Seamless Basic and Dawn x Dare. At Mote'l Amsterdam these are Envii, Alohas, Seamless Basic and Dawn x Dare. Women's fashion label Envii comes from the same company as Samsoe Samsoe. It already has several leading points of sale in the Netherlands such as De Bijenkorf and We Are Labels, and we want to expand that. Alohas is a hip Spanish shoe brand that is launching a clothing collection. Seamless Basic brings high end quality basics and Dawn x Dare is a niche brand from Copenhagen known for their handmade knits."


The ultimate woman in 2024? 

"The very nicest woman is the one who shops a lot in boutiques and not at Zara. Women with their own style. We can cater to all styles with one of our brands. We respond to various trends in the market, such as sustainability and gender neutrality. The Oval Square brand, for example, jumps into gender-neutral style. It’s the trendsetters who are picking it up, very progressive. At Fashion Brewery, we think it's important to be among the first to join in." 

Do you have any news in the field of sustainability?  

"The collaboration between Another-Label and Mud Jeans in which iconic pieces from Another-Label are made in denim by Mud Jeans. The summer 2024 collection was a huge success in sales and many of these items were in our top 10 best-selling pieces. This collection will be in stores in January, supported by a campaign with influencer Vera van Erp. We are looking forward to the winter collection of this collaboration. Furthermore, half of The Closet's brand package is now sustainable, such as Hvisk, ArmedAngels, Thinking Mu, A Brand denim, Brava and the new men's brand Lakor. Some of those brands are true pioneers in the field of sustainability. We see that sustainability is becoming more and more self-evident and that other labels are also moving in that direction. The gap between brands is no longer that wide." 


What are you going to show off at Modefabriek?  

"The stand of Another-Label will be bigger, because we think it is important that we have a clear presence and serve the three countries of the Benelux here. At the stand of Club L'Avenir we create a Japanese Wabi Sabi atmosphere, and the stand of Second Female has the same clean Danish style with which they present themselves in Copenhagen. The Denim brands A Brand and Neuw Denim can be found on one stand. All the stands together form the Mote'l Amsterdam island." 

Who do you hope to meet there?

"Of course, we are looking forward to receiving many Dutch customers and prospects. In addition, every season we talk to between thirty and forty Belgian retailers at one of our stands at Modefabriek. Compared to other trade fairs in Europe, we see the most Belgians at Modefabriek. We are also seeing more and more German customers, for example for Another-Label. That's why we've moved our sales meeting of Another-Label to the weekend before Modefabriek in Amsterdam. This way, we can also get the German sales team at the Modefabriek right away."

Written by Rosita van der Kwaak 

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