Must-wear trends of spring/summer 2022: Cigarette Pants

22 Jul 2021
Door Modefabriek

Modefabriek is happy to inspire you with the most important trends of Spring/Summer 2022 during the buying season and connect them to the newest collections of the B2B marketplace brands. Our next Must Wear and last trend: The Cigarette Pants. 

Must wear: Cigarette Pants

It’s hard to imagine Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley without them: cigarette trousers, a common sight ever since the fifties. Wear cigarette trousers under an XL blazer for a distinct silhouette and (optically) longer legs. With a high or low waist and combined with trendy sneakers or elegant high heels, these slim-fit trousers are perfect for a range of style combinations. 



Five Units | Bruuns Bazaar | Sofie Schnoor

Written by Marjolein Lammerts van Bueren.

Category Fashion Trends

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