Must-wear trends van spring/summer 2022: XL Blazer

20 Jul 2021
Door Modefabriek

Modefabriek is happy to inspire you with the most important trends of Spring/Summer 2022 during the buying season and connect them to the newest collections of the B2B marketplace brands. Up next Must Wear: The XL Blazer 

XL blazer 

Sitting neatly on the fence between the formal jacket and the casual sports jacket is the blazer, and it’s a standard addition to almost every wardrobe. We’re accustomed to seeing oversized incarnations of this timeless classic, but next season, it’s getting even longer and roomier. Preferably in an expressive colour and with plenty of volume. The blazer is the perfect item to add definition to every silhouette, be it indoors or as outerwear. 


Mosh Mosh | Five Units | Gestuz

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