New initiative ‘Mijn Digitale Zaak’ helps MKB entrepreneurs with digitization

03 Jul 2022
Door Modefabriek

MKB entrepreneurs who want to (further) digitize their business can now contact the 'Mijn Digtale Zaak' (My Digital Business) initiative set up by INretail, the Chamber of Commerce and MKB Nederland, omnichannel retail expert Olaf Zwijnenburg - who participated in the launch - reported via LinkedIn.


Entrepreneurs can receive a personal and free advice plan and an overview of suitable suppliers via a questionnaire, the so-called 'digitization scan'.


In Harry Bijl's masterclass during Modefabriek on July 10th + 11th (4:00 pm) you will learn everything about how to make your company more relevant using digital means: grow faster, become more profitable and work more efficiently. There is also an introduction of the new initiative 'Mijn Digitale Zaak' (My Digital Business).


Click the link below to read the full article on FashionUnited.

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