Papucei: infinite creativity and spectacular design

25 Feb 2021
Door Modefabriek

In Romanian the word Papucei means ‘little shoes’. It’s a word you would use when you care for a pair of shoes dearly and they are more valuable to you than to just name them ‘shoes’. It’s used mostly in the north-east of Romania, a region known for its long tradition in shoe manufacturing and the place where Papucei was established.


Growing of a brand

In 1990, the year after the Revolution designers Dan and Angela Vasiliu set the foundation of the shoe company Angela and opened their own factory. Working with products of good quality and new design, the company started selling Angela shoes all over the country, soon it became a well-established producer in the Romanian market. Years passed, and in 2006 the company opened an online store It was probably the first online shoe store in Romania and it was unexpectedly successful. 2006 was also the year that the company started presenting its collections outside the country borders, first in Milan and soon after in Paris, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and many more. Nowadays, Papucei can be found in the wardrobes of women all over the world, from Italy to Japan, and from Canada to Australia.


AW21 Collection

Since the beginning, all designs were one of a kind, different both in shape, colour combinations and leathers used. Good quality materials are key, and so is each season’s search to find the best suppliers. At Papucei, materials are used in unconventional ways, transformed and refined, ending up in products that are hard to believe. The signature Papucei craftsmanship brings an authentic feeling to this AW21 collection. Infinite creativity, spectacular prints and a rare mix of textures elevate the design like never before. Dark or colourful, intense, playful, and always full of character. 

Visit Papucei's showroom here.

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