Trendforecast: Prepare for clash of trends says David Shah

02 Aug 2022
Door Modefabriek

Modefabriek returned in full force over July 10 and 11 and with it came a host of talks, presentations and workshops that looked to inspire visitors in the challenging current climate. Among the crammed schedule, trend expert David Shah took to the floor to offer his take on the current and future state of fashion in a talk entitled ‘A World of Contradictions’. FashionUnited was present at this talk and shares the key highlights.

While Modefabriek’s overarching theme was ‘Together Again’, Shah instead explored a current bubbling trend that sees consumers lean towards an increasingly polarised society. Elaborating on this, Shah noted that despite the world attempting to come together in a bid to return to some form of post-Covid ‘normality’, polar opposites had never been more present. Everything from politics to business, Shah continued, are seeing very disparate points of views, with very few people remaining in the middle.

Supplier is key in mid-market challenges

It was this that is also becoming prominent in fashion too, Shah pointed out, as consumers begin to fan out to either mass market brands or high-end labels, leaving mid-segment retailers scrambling to relate to each sector. Shah underlined that much of the mid-market segment’s potential decline could be attributed to the need to prioritise suppliers. Many retailers in the aforementioned market rely on Europe-based suppliers, the forecaster noted, which are facing an inevitable price rise due to inflation, causing these retailers to struggle with where to produce as they are often reluctant to take production outside Europe to cheaper locations. “The key to the future is the supplier,” Shah added. “Control your supplier, control your margin.”

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Written by Rachel Douglass, FashionUnited

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