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16 Jun 2022
Door Modefabriek

Modefabriek is all about seeing all new collections, discovering new brands and meeting new people and old friends. In addition to the almost 400 beautiful and contemporary fashion brands that show their collections, Modefabriek is also a large living trend monitor. At Modefabriek you will find all about the latest trends during Trend Talks & workshops and in the Trendhub. Here’s a sneak peek: 




Ronny De Vylder, Creative Visualizer & Consultant and Expert in Visual Merchandising, guides you how to get clients to your store. 

“Retailers will need to work harder to get their customers out of their chairs: the physical space needs to entice, to make it worthwhile the trip” says Ronny. With his “joy list” he will show you this does not need to be complicated. It all starts with the ART of looking. 




Trend forecaster Jan Agelink of Buro Jan Trendman tells you all about Identity & expression in fashion: fluid / inclusive / purposeful. 


Our identity is intransition, as a result Jan Agelink sees a new design language emerging in the field of fashion, design and lifestyle. In this talk, Jan focuses on the topic: Why do we choose what we wear, and more importantly, how can we consciously use our choice of clothing to influence our mood? 



Trend centipede David Shah shows you how to deal with all the extremes in this post-corona time: 


We live in a domain of contradictions. “Out of lockdown, newfound freedom has respawned a desire for individuality – the power of being different and exaggeration both in style and colour,” says David. 


At the opposite end of the equation, we have a more reflective approach. Consumers are impressed not by novelty but by longevity.  

David wonders in this talk: How do we deal with these extremes? How do we balance our lives? How do we navigate a design path? Clearly, the future is going to evolve in a hybrid way. But there is a common denominator: our concern for the environment. Going back is just not possible! 


And of course the TRENDHUB, for a 5-minute-update about all must colours, must materials, must patterns, must silhouettes, must wear, must stores, must follow, must see, must listen and must eat. All day long, just grab a pair of headphones and get that five-minute trend update with all the musts for 2023! 

For now, let's take a look at the MUST PATTERNS: Bold Stripes, 3D Florals and Psychedelic Florals! 


Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for the latest updates of the Modefabriek program!  

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