What effect does late summer have on clothing turnover?

20 Jun 2024
Door Modefabriek

The lack of nice weather not only affects our mood, but also the sales of summer collections. Nevertheless, according to EK Retail's figures, clothing turnover remains at reasonable levels. Coat sales are even benefiting.


The fact that summer weather has so far failed to materialise in the Netherlands also affects business. "By mid-June, we do long for more sunshine. More sun is also needed for a good build-up of seasonal sales," says Natascha van Ree, account manager at EK Fashion.


Still, despite the moderate summer weather, turnover figures remain at a reasonable level. Women's fashion realised an average 2% increase in sales up to and including the month of May. The number of items is at the same level as last year. Men's fashion has a 4% increase in turnover: here the number of pieces sold is 2% above last year. EK Retail still sees that the turnover increases are partly realised by higher sales prices or the sale of more expensive items. The average selling price in independent fashion stores rose by an average of 5-6% this season. "So, the customer continues to find the fashion stores, but still buys consciously and in a targeted way," says Van Ree.


Jackets sold well

In the women's fashion segment, jackets sold well this sales season, partly due to the mediocre spring. There was a 5% increase in turnover with jackets. At the beginning of the season, a 6% increase in the value of jackets was delivered. In comparison, in men's fashion, sales of jackets are 7% behind last year. Differences are also noticeable in other product groups. The trousers sell well with both target groups: for women, trousers achieve an average plus of 10%, for men this is 15%. The increase in trouser sales is somewhat at the expense of jeans among men, who are on average 8% behind. In women's fashion, jeans sales are at the same level as last summer


Maintaining margins

EK Retail has noticed that in recent seasons, independent fashion retailers have been better able to extend the selling season and to strengthen and secure margins. "The margin is badly needed to compensate for last year's price increases. Around us, we already saw some first price promotions popping up in the shopping streets at the beginning of June. For the second part of the current selling season, retailers need to maintain margins through targeted markdowns. The warm months for the summer items are yet to come."


Modefabriek as an essential preparation

According to EK Retail, margin and inventory management will be key pillars in the purchasing round for summer 2025. Van Ree: "A good ratio between margin providers and image builders forms the basis for a profitable new summer season. Modefabriek is the ideal, if not essential, preparation for retailers to purchase this well-considered mix for the next season. Here they can orient themselves and check out new brands. And just as important: see what the suppliers they already work with bring, so buyers can get an idea of the ideal mix."

Written by Rosita van der Kwaak in collaboration with EK Retail 

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