Caroline's Monthly Message: PARIS INSPIRATION TRIP

03 Mar 2022
Door Modefabriek

All my fashion life I visit Paris twice a year, where I start the season. Due to Covid, that Parisian rhythm was rudely disrupted, so I was all the happier to experience this ritual again. Fashion is about touching, fitting, combining, being able to see the color on your skin, experiencing volume and proportions and discovering new silhouettes. I really enjoyed the visits to the Parisian fashion houses, something that inspires me time and time again, especially since I was lucky enough to see the collections in real life this time instead of online. Even more I understand the need from the fashion industry for the physical experience. How great is it for buyers to be able to feel and see the products at the fair? Fabrics are soft or hard, stiff or supple, you really see colors, and you can immediately see the volume of a garment. It was especially wonderful to wander through Paris by bike and admire the new collections. Because of all the real-life inspiration I am so much looking forward to Modefabriek on 10 and 11 July and with me I feel many others.


What struck me. 

Unisex, I have been buying men's clothing for years, but now we see that many designers mix up men's and women's clothes, even offering the same item for both sexes. 

Suits for men and women, including cardigans, are a clear trend, in many materials, from thin wools to sturdy cotton. The colors are softer than last season. I don't want to call it pastel, that feels too sweet, they are almost gray-toned powder shades, vanilla whites, next to earthed greens and browns. 

Of course, we still see bright greens, cobalt, a red orange at Dries van Noten as a counterpart to this softer image and that combination gives a fresh summer image. It is striking that the use of color is tonal. That tone on tone is important, you combine different tones with each other but within the same color family. 

Prints are less present, it's really about color and material. Sustainability is also an important theme; many brands are now really starting to take it seriously. In addition, we are in the mood for denim, preferably also in a suit. 

The shoe under the suit is really a Birkenstock-like mule, I also saw a lot of clogs. All shoes are large, round and basically bulky but very comfortable. Of course, I was also looking for the sexy heels for next season, but I still must search for the perfect ones. Overall, the majority is flat and comfortable. The woman in a suit on a flat shoe will dominate. Fashion is the sign of the times, so the fact we look like this means much more than just comfort, it is also about strength, independence. In short, another promising sexual equality that will be strong and balanced. 


Wishing you a beautiful loving summer,


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